Sunday, 29 November 2015

And All I See Are ... Red Tights!

That was my first thought when seeing the pictures of this outfit. It had a very different effect from seeing it in the mirror. I knew the tights where eyecatchers, I just didn't expect them to be that much of one. They are old, but previously I used them mostly with all black outfits, where they didn't quite pop out that much.

Fall look. Striped dress, grey cardigan, red tights and edgy wedge booties || Funky Jungle, mindful fashion & personal style blog

Friday, 27 November 2015

What to Read on the Internet #16

3 Things Learned from Wearing Boring Black Trousers for 1 Week - Of course, it's not really going to be boring to look at when Leandra's doing it.

13 Reasons Why a Malong is a Must - I didn't know what one was, now I want one!

Cheap Hair Accessories Made to Look Expensive

Origami Christmas Ornaments - I love Origami

10 Reasons to Start Working With Your Dreams - Always try to figure out if there's a message

7 Awesome TED Talks on Travel - For the Travel Junkies ;-)

5 Books to Read When You Want to Escape Into the Wild - The Wild!

What Stops Us From Being Happy

5 Things That Kill Healthy Habits - Don't kill them 

7 Lady Bosses Share Career Advice  - On point

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Gift Guide for the Fashion Lover

It's that time of the year again. While there's still some weeks left for the "End of the Year Holiday Season" (at my family, it's called Christmas ;-) ) I've already started to gather some gifts where I found good deals, for those where the thing to gift was clear - or the perfect thing, in cases where it wasn't set in stone.

Friday, 20 November 2015

The Girl At The Lake, Round Two - And More Birthday Goodies

During the warmer months, we are actually over at Lake Iseo pretty regularly. It's not horribly far from here and they often have little events at the weekend or regular markets. The day these pics were taken, along the street parallel to the Lungolago (Lake promenade), local artists showed their work. Two of them particularly caught my eye. I always enjoy art, be it as paintings, music, dance etc. albeit admittedly, not every single one I encounter is to my liking. Some I find outright horrid. A matter of taste. 

Still I enjoy the fact that it was created, that someone sat down and made this. I think we all should do that way more often. And please don't confine creativity to only include the standard arts. Creativity is way way more than just that. It's decorating your home, it's putting that final touch on an otherwise simple outfit, it's inventing a special way to prepare a meal, it's making up a new way to talk yourself out of a corner with your child (we all know those little buggers are good at cornering us...). You probably are creative in way more ways than you give yourself credit for. But there's always room for more.

View over Lake Iseo

Striped Dress, Kenzo Scarf, Brown Backpack - The Girl at the Lake (Iseo) | Funky Jungle, mindful fashion and personal style blog

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Happy Birthday Funky Jungle and A Giveaway

So like "Woah"! Another year passed. As if it were nothing. And Baby Funky is two years old today!

It sure has been a glorious time so far. I am actually quite giddy and excited about the fact that my little blog made it to the two year mark and is by all effects continously growing. Maybe not as fast as others, maybe not always as fast as I would have liked, but I've learned that we all have our own pace and timing and once you accept yours, things just flow a lot more easily. Also, I fully do believe we all could profit from slowing our lives down and not always go quite so fast.

Anyway. To celebrate and say thank you to my readers who have stuck with me through ups, downs, highs and flakes, I am co-hosting this awesome Giveaway that comes right in time for Christmas/the Holidays. You can win either 500$ as a giftcard for Amazon, or alternatively as Paypal cash.

Good Luck my Dears!

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wake Up And Live - Graphic Sweatshirt & Thoughts

I choose my graphic t-shirts or sweaters, according to whether the message or picture on them speaks to me in some form (and who doesn't, really?). Well, actually, I do that for jewelry too, but today, we are talking about printed on tops.

Wake Up And Live. An edgy, slightly rock, but fairly casual look with graphic sweatshirt and faux leather pants || Funky Jungle - Mindful Fashion & Personal Style Blog

Wake Up And Live. It is astonishing, to what extent we can sleep, even when our eyes are open and we are seemingly wide awake. Yet our mind is so trapped in endless thought chatter, endless tasks, endless distractions, endless comparison and the rat race of ever faster, higher, further that in reality, very few are living fully. In the present moment. We are often either in the past (as also Zaz pointed out this week) or in some hypothetical future, when we finally can start to live because we arrived at having achieved "X". Whatever that may be for you.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

A Bit Witchy, A Bit Goth - Funky on Halloween & See You Later

I am going to take a brief leave of absence. There'll be a post next week as I have a giveaway planned, but other than that, I'll be gone until around the 18th/19th November.

I leave you with a couple of photos from my Halloween "look". It wasn't really a costume, but I felt like dressing the samhain part a bit. Am wearing a black hooded knit dress over a knitted burgundy maxi dress. Added a fancy but slightly old fashioned hat and my what I call "witch shoes".

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Falling into Boho - Or Why Change is Good

Even so I didn't intend to, I've been bitten by the boho bug. Sometimes, things change and I believe we do best not to resist them, but rather welcome them, even if not all of them are pleasant. But I get it. Change can be way scary. The way things always were is comfortable, reassuring. Even if they were crappy. Change means taking a step into the unknown, leaving the parameters of our up-to-date comfort zone, having to stretch the belief of what we are. That's not a bad thing. We can discover that we are so much more than what we thought to be.

Boho style look with tribal patterned fringe cardigan, hobo bag, statement necklace || Falling into Boho or Why Change is Good - Funky Jungle

What that has to do with Boho? Hmm well, my new found love for the Boho style comes from the changes in life direction I started to implement after the summer holidays. Step by step, they'll change were I go in regards to my life. One example would be reading.

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