Sunday, 27 December 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Experiment #1 - Travel & Star Wars Force Awakens

Hello! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, whatever form they take for you. We've had "big family" meals here in the last two days, so excuse the silence.

As far as the capsule wardrobe experiment goes, things are going great so far, just a few days in. However, I'm travelling so the wardrobe is even more restricted. On the upside, having had the whole capsule planned out already in advance, packing was a breeze. I don't think I've ever been done so fast. On the down side, my new coloured leggings didn't arrive yet. And it is way warmer than anticipated.

Padded Vest, Asymmetric Cardigan, Grey Skinnies, Biker Booties & Constellation Scarf for Star Wars The Force Awakens || Funky Jungle, mindful fashion and petite personal style blog

Here's what I wore for the travel and then to go watch Star Wars VII with the hubby. We went to see it in original version, that is in English, at the cinema in Landstuhl.

Monday, 21 December 2015

My Capsule Wardrobe Experiment - 45 Days, 30 Pieces

The idea of a capsule, or maybe I should say small wardrobe, has been a slight obsession of mine, as you know. I mean, I keep harping on about it every so often. Maybe because I associate a small wardrobe and not too many belongings in general with the idea of being free to just pack and go wherever or whenever the wind of life moves you. Maybe it is because I associate less items also with more mental freedom.

And I've been feeling restless for a couple of years now. It only never really struck me quite as so urgent as this summer. I guess I might be moving towards a small mid-life crisis. Or maybe I just become more myself.

Friday, 18 December 2015

What to Read on the Internet #18

Cute Nail Art - Some simple, some elaborate

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7 Reasons We Buy More Stuff Than We Need

Two Foods - Compare those Edibles - Neat little toy for comparing food items.

The Egg - Serious food for thought

20 Travel Fails by Travel Bloggers

15 Traditional Indian Foods Made Vegan

60 Ideas for Handmade Gifts You'll Be Proud Of - Get those D.I.Y. vibes movin'

15 Great Ideas for Creating A Christmas Tree -

10 Habits of Unhappy People - I agree ... somewhat

Publishing Update:

Originally, I wanted to start a project this week. However life being life, things came up at last minute and I had to re-schedule. So I'll start Monday. Stay tuned! - Meanwhile, there will not be a post on Sunday.

Have a great weekend Everyone!

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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Party Look - What to Wear for New Years Eve and Beyond

I've mentioned it on Facebook last week already, this year I feel weirdly drawn to lace dresses for the look of the final night of the year, I am just not sure how I'd feel about wearing it, having a pretty gamine vibe going on most days. And I'm not talking about wearing it just for that one night. That'd be no problem. Delightful even. I love getting all fancy nd posh every now and then. But whether I'd be wearing it regularly afterwards. This is where those fashion rental services come in handy.

Anyways, I compiled some lace outfit ideas for the party season, mainly New Years Eve. Three options, three different price classes. I am so very much in love with the Suzette dress. If only I'd had a wedding or something to attend sometime soon.

NYE party look inspiration with black lace dress & gold || Funky Jungle - mindful fashion & quirky personal style
Alexis Bittar Layered Pendant Necklace || Margot Flat Clare Clutch || Oscar de la Renta Flower Crystal Earrings || Rachel Zoe Suzette Fitted Lace Dress || Oscar de la Renta Lace Pumps || Alexis Bitta Liquid Chip Earrings

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Casual Fall Layers - With Plaid

Not much text from me today. I've been out and about pretty much all of the weekend. Lots of karate. Plus, today is when Santa Lucia came to town. This is the day when traditionally the kids get gifts here in our region, instead of Christmas day. Well some probably get gifts on Christmas too.

Fall Layer Look - Plaid shirt, sweater cardigan, black skinnies, wedge booties || Funky Jungle - fashion and personal style blog

This outfit was something I wore a couple of weeks ago, when it was still warmer. Early in the day, for bringing my son to school, I wore the puffered vest over the sweater cardigan. It is the kind of things I wear when I am not doing much else that day. Comfortable to work from and in the home, at the same time, you are still presentable. Or so I think.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Big Gift Guide for the Nerdy & Geeky Girl

I'm not really a big fan of generic gift guide this, gift guide that, but I do love the specialty gift guides because that's where you can find the real good stuff that warms the hearts of those receiving the gift in that special way.

At least, that is how it works for me. If you manage to gift me something that shows that you really know me well, quirks and all, it is so much better than when I get "oh yeah it's cute, but it could be for any female" kind of gift.

The Big Geeky Girl Gift Guide

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Counting the Ways - How to Style Tall Boots for Fall/Winter

One of the big wardrobe staples of Fall and Winter since a long time are tall boots, meaning those that end around the knee, either slightly above, or slightly below. Riding boots, Over-the-knee-boots or slouchy boots with or without heels. I love my tall boots. If you'd ask me to decide for any single pair of them, I couldn't.

Today I've composed a little round-up of how I styled my tall boots in the colder months, up until now.

How to style tall boots for Fall & Winter - 9 Looks || Funky Jungle - Fashion and Personal Style Blog

Below each outfit picture you'll find a link leading to the original post of the look.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Untold Stories - Recently

It is time for another round up of unpublished photos from the category "my life lately". I do take really a lot of pictures, but end up publishing maybe one third only to instagram, facebook or the blog in the end.

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