My Capsule Wardrobe Experiment - 45 Days, 30 Pieces

The idea of a capsule, or maybe I should say small wardrobe, has been a slight obsession of mine, as you know. I mean, I keep harping on about it every so often. Maybe because I associate a small wardrobe and not too many belongings in general with the idea of being free to just pack and go wherever or whenever the wind of life moves you. Maybe it is because I associate less items also with more mental freedom.

And I've been feeling restless for a couple of years now. It only never really struck me quite as so urgent as this summer. I guess I might be moving towards a small mid-life crisis. Or maybe I just become more myself.

In a way it is weird. I'm supposed to be all that. Settled in life (never settle!) and putting Polaroids of my socially accepted belongings on the table. Yet, I don't care for any of those. Own memories, not things.

Anyway, I kind of felt ready to take the plunge, and start experimenting with dressing from a capsule wardrobe. So this is what I will do for the rest of December, January and the first week of February. After that, I will evaluate what worked, what didn't, what stays, what goes.

Since I've already been doing a sort of uniform formula for winter, deciding what goes in was for the most part fairly easy. I am only slightly undecided on the skinny jeans. I love them, but fact is, I keep having cold legs in winter when wearing them. Maybe I'll see how it goes. Yes yes, I know. They are a somewhat holy grail of winter dressing, but I figure, at my age, I'd rather stay warm. Then again, they do look mighty good with those tall over-the-knee boots. Ah the conundrum!

My current list:

- Khaki Chinos
- Navy Blue Chinos
- PU Leather Pants
- Diesel Jeans
- Grey Skinnies

- Black Leggings
- Colored/Patterned Leggings --- I just bought these, so they'll hopefully be it.

- Grey Cardigan
- Boho Fringe Cardigan
- Sweater Jacket/Cardigan

- Tokyo Love Sweatshirt
- Wake Up & Live Sweatshirt
- Away from the Past Sweatshirt

- Blue Plaid Shirt
- Royal Blue Shirt
- White Shirt
- Denim Shirt

- Grey Sweater H&M
- White Ribbed Sweater
- Black Turtleneck
- Sweater

- Puffered Jacket
- Wool Knit Coat
- Patted Vest (*similar*)
- Striped Blazer

- Grey Knit Dress
- Long Sweater
- Striped Dress
- Dress
- Black Skirt


- Black Dress Pants (in consideration of December being a very festive month)
- Dress Top

- 3-4 Longsleeve Tops for layering below
- 3-4 Tank Tops for layering below

The latter two are kind of like underwear for me in winter, so I'm not really fixing anything here. If they are dirty, they are going to be changed, as often as needed.

I'm also not planning to limit the number of shoes, bags or other accessories just yet, as I've not quite figured out where I stand with most of them. What I know is that I'm going to liberally discard what I no longer feel excited about.

The whole process of discarding items which I no longer feel joyous about has become weirdly detached, in a good way. There's no more feelings of guilt - "oh but I spent X", "oh but I hardly wore it", etc. But I'm not in a rush to "finish" the project either. I just let things unfold. The way this can work is because currently I have a lot less incoming than I have outgoing. On average. So I let things go. Easily. And sometimes they get replaced, but often not. The categories shoes, bags and/or accessories can be implemented in future rounds.

The plan is to run this experiment for one and a half month. Originally I wanted to start on the 15th, but life had its way, so I've rescheduled to the 21st. I'll be posting some outfits on the blog and additionally snaps from other days, from outfits that won't make it onto the blog on my social media, like Instagram, to stay accountable. In fact, the first pic went up yesterday, sneaky sneaky. So make sure to follow along. I'll be using the hashtag #fjcapsule

The goal is to see how I really feel about dressing from only a limited selection, what effect it has on me. I know, there's people that have done this already and more drastic, but reading about their feats and experiencing first hand, are two different things entirely. Plus I believe that limiting myself can actually help me refine my own style.

So let's do this.

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