What to Read on the Internet #18

Cute Nail Art - Some simple, some elaborate

50 Lessons For A Daughter Wanting to Travel the World

7 Reasons We Buy More Stuff Than We Need

Two Foods - Compare those Edibles - Neat little toy for comparing food items.

The Egg - Serious food for thought

20 Travel Fails by Travel Bloggers

15 Traditional Indian Foods Made Vegan

60 Ideas for Handmade Gifts You'll Be Proud Of - Get those D.I.Y. vibes movin'

15 Great Ideas for Creating A Christmas Tree -

10 Habits of Unhappy People - I agree ... somewhat

Publishing Update:

Originally, I wanted to start a project this week. However life being life, things came up at last minute and I had to re-schedule. So I'll start Monday. Stay tuned! - Meanwhile, there will not be a post on Sunday.

Have a great weekend Everyone!

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