The Capsule Wardrobe - What Is Leaving, What is Changing, What is Staying

After 45 days of living with a limited choice wardrobe, I can say that it was one of the better things I've done for my personal style. And sanity. Both of mind and bank account. I will definitely keep going for another couple of rounds. With a some modifications, which will reflect what I learned for myself during this first experimental phase.

Various points I've already talked about in my "Half Time Impressions". For example, not having worn everything and having become more clear on what my current personal style is. Current because, who knows what happens next year. Maybe it's just my impression, however I'm thinking it is much easier to switch styles as you change and grow as person if you start from a couple of basics. Basics that "just work for you". With the help of selected accessoires or trendy seasonal pieces you make them work season after season. Instead of having a full wardrobe of hodge podge where one trend after the other is added on top - is there rhyme, is there reason? - without really having a foundation. Added on and quickly forgotten as soon as the season changes. But it keeps hanging around, part of the "I have nothing to wear" crowd inside your closet. I'm sure by now you've heard that on average we wear about 20% of our clothes regularly. Now a new survey by british charity organization Barnardo claims that on average we wear every piece only 7 times.

Last summer, I changed. It was weird in that way, that it was rather sudden, not a long, slow growing. And watching my wardrobe, I felt like Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle. I've cleaned out my closet before, I've already culled my random purchases. But this was a deeper, personal shift. In a way, I came closer to being myself and no longer caring to be seen as "fashionista", judging my style choices from a third person perspective, "the others". Which, mind, sometimes is  good thing to do, but not if you take it so far as to become a dress up puppet, But rather I want my outfits to reflect me. So of course, my clothes have to follow.

On the other hand, you might like hodge podge. You might like being able to wear any trend, any time. Maybe that is you. Personally, I find I'm much happier when I have fewer things that all work great together - more or less - and I don't have to spend ages thinking about what to wear. What will get me the most "likes". I want to say "this is me. take it or leave it". The great thing is that nowadays, you are more than ever free to express who you are by your style of dressing, no matter the age, body, gender. There's still a lot of acceptance work to be done, mind, but unless you truly risk physical harm there's liberty to be found in wearing what you want, leaving behind any rules.

Another big point for me is sustainability. I truly believe that we have too much, consume too much. That filling our closets with cheap thrills month after month at the cost of environment and workers is not something I want to be part of.

What I will Change for next Round

I will start the next round of Funky Jungle Capsule Wardrobe at March 1st and cover 2 months. That way it makes more sense with how the weather is likely to be. I've started my list with the items I plan to keep in the capsule from the previous one. The list will be published soon.

Currently the primary point of this experiment is to define my core style. To get a good idea how I really want to feel wearing my stuff. To get clear about what I want to portray. Or the other way around. Do my clothes make me feel like I want to and tell the story I want them to? 

Sounds complicated? For me it's more complicated to "have nothing to wear", spending more time and energy on what to wear than neccessary or wearing things that are just not in tune.

Anyway, I'm thinking of opening up the sweater category to find out what I'm grabbing when I have free choice. I figure it's the last chance for several months to really test them as it will soon be too warm to wear them regularly. And I will enjoy wearing them without heavy jackets on top.

What Is Leaving my Wardrobe

These items will not only leave the capsule, they will also leave my wardrobe for good.

Black PU Leather Pants

Whilst they do keep my legs warm, I simply did not truly enjoy wearing them, did not like how they looked on me, how they felt. Hence, out they go.

Red Striped Turtleneck

Maybe. Possibly. One of the seams at the collar opened (front side) and I'll have to see if it's possible to mend it without it being too visible. Additionally, I've not enjoyed wearing turtlenecks like I used to in the past, I'm gravitating more towards funnel and cowl necks now. So yeah, that sounds pretty much like a "No".

Whilst this was a favorite last year during the winter months, I just don't feel the material anymore. This was one of the things I ended up not wearing at all

Black Skirt

It fits. Only that it doesn't. I can close it, I can move in it, but it is just that itsy bitsy weeny bit too tight to forget I'm wearing it. Not really uncomfortable per se, but not comfortable either. So, bye.

It's leaving because it doesn't flatter me, I know it, I feel it while wearing it and I always have to wear something to cover the neckline with it. After pregnancy I found myself with smaller breasts. And whilst I actually like them, some necklines just don't work anymore. A saggy v-neck is one of them.

What is staying

These are items I aquired just previous to starting with the capsule that have earned a permanent spot in my wardrobe:

These are things that I had a little bit longer already, but which have confirmed staying power as staples and will be staring in the next round as well:

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