What to Read on the Internet #20

How Key Pieces Made a Comeback

Iconic Wedding Dresses - Illustrations of famous wedding dresses

Worn Wear by Patagonia (The Stories We Wear) - Collection of stories of longterm loved clothes

How to Pose for Pictures - 10 little tricks every fashion blogger should know

7 Strange Questions to Find Your Life Purpose

Procarastination & the Love of Letting Go - Zen Habits

Quick Guide to Every Herb & Spice in the Cupboard - Not sure if it is indeed "every", it sure is many

Why it is okay to be weird on the Internet - Embrace the Weird. Totally reminds me of the book title by Felicia Day "You are never weird on the Internet". There's always someone out there who absolutely digs your weird.

If You Pay Crap, Expect Crap in Return - About sponsored posts & the worth of a blogger

39 Stupid Things You Probably Should Stop Doing