Breaking the Silence with Stripes

Blue and black striped dress on a red head

I haven't blogged, or been active on social media, in a considerable amount of time. Life (and the capsule wardrobe ... or well okay maybe just life) kicked my behind and I hit the emergency stop button.

Already in January I had been exhausted and started to notice a severe lack of motivation. For about anything to be honest, but blogging in particular. I have my own theories as to why. As far as blogging goes, one of them is all the hours I had put in during November and December. Another is that my view on fashion changed considerably after reading Overdressed, Wear no Evil and To Die For.

Then in February, around my birthday, I was hit by a fever cold that even asked for a second round after I thought it over already. In total I was out for over two weeks, but the effects could be felt for some time still. Shortly afterwards, I developed an eczema on the hands. Now I'm used to having occasional outbreaks from food allergies/sensitivities, but this time around, it just didn't pass, no matter what I tried. In fact, it still isn't entirely gone, just a lot better. Eventually it even spread onto the forearms. Needless to say that did not help with wanting to blog.

On top of that came a host of other symptoms (including absurdly low energy levels) and because of all this I've been, and currently still am, overhauling just about everything in my life. I firmly believe that stuff like this happens so we pause and reconsider where we are on our path. Is it even still the right one? And yes this obviously includes the blog. I won't stop, pinky promise, but things will change. Slowly slowly I've started working on a new concept that will fit better with me, my values and what I'm trying to achieve. It'll be ready when it will be ready.

Meanwhile, I've started posting on Instagram again and hey, one of the casualties of my search for a cause of my eczema was my hair color. Back to my natural blonde (for now, we'll see). Come over and say hello!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the outfits of the last capsule wardrobe project I did.

Cardigan, studded bag, black skinnies, wedges

Oversized top, PU applications, studded black bag

midi skirt and black sweater

Striped dress, yellow converse, yellow necklace, heart shaped sunglasses

Hope you enjoyed them, even if it is not summerly fashion. Some kind of last hoorray for the red hair (for now, never say no). And yeah don't forget to head over on Instagram to see some more recent shenanigans & stay on the new funky bohemian current.

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