Untold Stories - Summer 2016 Edition

Yes, basically I've only been to Medieval Fairs, flea markets, the forest and at the Saline in Bad Duerkheim. The latter because of a pretty hefty flare up of asthma, which lasted for well over a week.

Still trying to figure out what exactly is causing all these annoying minor health problems this year, have had some extensive blood work done upon returning and will consult with my physician/doctor at the 19th. Pretty sure it's easily fixable tho.

Anyway, here are some pictures from this years summer holidays.

Mittelaltermarkt Freisen 2016
Medieval Fair at Freisen

Medieval Fair at Freisen

Ich in Mittelalter Kleidung
Me in full medieval garb

Medieval encampment at the fair in Freisen

Saline at Bad Duerkheim

Bad Duerkheim

A mini model of the Saline. Basically, they let salt water trip over the stacked up twigs to create a sea side air effect.

Miniaturmodell der Saline in Bad Dürkheim
Bad Duerkheim

Wasserrad an der Saline Bad Dürkheim
Bad Duerkheim

Tunier mit Rittern zu Pferd auf dem Mittelaltermarkt Angelbachtal 2016
Tournament Show at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Horse butt at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Mittelalterliches Show Tunier in Angelbachtal im August 2016
Tournament Show at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal.
The guy with the red & black horse was obviously the "bad knight"

Medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Viking Caroussel at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Tournament Show at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Me in my other medieval garb.
See what I'm thinking about owning two dresses in medieval times here on my Instagram

The little palace at the park that hoses the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Lavender at the Saline Bad Duerkheim

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