What Happened to the "Only This" Shopping List & Style Changes

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you cannot help but have noticed that my style has changed quite a bit in the last year. And I'm obviously not talking only the hair color here. For which, by the way I'm still unsure what to do. Keep them blond or go back to red? Right now I don't even know if I want them short anymore. They are a mess.

Anyway, my style changed. Take it as a reflection of inner changes that started some time ago, got a big boost in Summer 2015 and then slowly became an integral part of my life. With some labour pain. Transitions can be awkward and uncomfortable if they mean leaving an old lifestyle behind that you've grown used to. That feels comfortable because you know it so well. That is ... safe. Sort of. Only that it isn't because it keeps you in a rut. And 2016 has been one long slow transformation and rebirth process for me. Honestly, 2017 couldn't have happened too soon.

But I digress again. My style changed towards a more bohemian and hippie kind of thing and obviously not everything from my old wardrobe was of interest anymore. The purging that accompanied my Capsule Wardrobe Experiment helped because I pretty much only kept those things that fit my current style vision of myself and what I wanted to communicate to the world about my inner workings.

In retrospective, maybe that unhappiness with my then current style catalysed the wish to try a capsule wardrobe. If you ever think about doing a somewhat radical style change, I'd recommend doing a round or two of capsule. It did teach me a lot.

So what happened to the "only some restricted shopping allowed" in wake of a style overhaul?

Well, I failed. And I didn't.

The good news first. Most of the items on my "No Shopping" list have indeed not been bought. Up till today I didn't buy any tank tops, bags, shoes. Actually, by now I've gone a full year without buying new shoes. I have one "new" cross body bag, which I got from a swap with my sister. And I got rid of 3 bags from my stash that where either broken or outgrown. So far I haven't replaced the two bigger bags as nothing really called to me.

And I did not buy the following from the "Limited Shopping Allowed" list: platform sandals (and I think I'm gonna pass entirely). The perfect for me black skirt. I'm still searching for that one. Otherwise fancy tops. No fancy tops.

Now the "bad" news. Other than a pair of high waisted black pants, which I found thrifting, I did buy 3 pairs of harem pants. I bought one graphic print sweatshirt because it was way colder during one week in Germany than anticipated. I bought several pieces of silver jewelry but I solemnly swear they are all meaningful to me and I plan to wear them for a long time. In fact, I've basically been wearing the same pieces over and over. So there's a big box of custom jewelry going towards the "winter sister swap". A new maxi dress that was just too enchanting to pass up. I also got a new long cardigan, a pullover. With all of that, I'm afraid I'm already slightly (*cough*) past my 8 pieces. Sigh.

Oh well. The good thing is, with the set goal of what I need and what I don't, I was able to be much more intentional with my shopping. And way less impulsive. A lot more went out then in. 

I will make another list for 2017 and try my best to stick with it this time, because I found it beneficial in a lot of ways. For example the above mentioned curb of impulse shopping. The emerging ability to spend my money consciously on things that are in support of my values instead of just filling up the trunk with cheap trends. Actually saving money to spend on experiences.

So how was your year 2016 fashion wise?