Funky 12 Piece Wardrobe for April 2017-18

Okay, so as promised, here is the new limited "Funky Shopping List", starting officially Round 2 of the modified Five Piece French Wardrobe. Since it is already April, I'll run it until April 2018. Buying only 12 major pieces between clothing, shoes and accessories is the goal.

As with last time I did this, replacements of basic articles like simple t-shirts, longsleeve or tank tops, underwear, socks, that simple black pair of leggings are fine. However just like last year I will try to avoid buying socks since I didn't really make a dent in my stash. Could, sure by tossing some out, but I don't see the point in being wasteful either. Swapping clothes doesn't count towards the limit as it's not a purchase of a brand new item.

Honestly, with continued practice, not buying seems to become easier, so I have hopes of being able to do better this time around. I've been to Germany over Easter and I can proudly say I didn't buy a single piece of clothing or accessories. So the money I saved can go towards one really fancy thing from my wish list. And thus, without further ado, here it is:

My "Want to Buy" - List:

- A Black or Brown Satchel Style Bag

The one I currently have is starting to fall apart and the brown ones I tried didn't last longer than a couple of months before serious damage happened Honestly I've been very Bazinga about buying bags in the last months, so I don't think I'll have any troubles holding out for the perfect one

- Maxi Skirt

I have the perfect for me maxi skirt. But it has some ironing damage. Thus I need to replace it. A maxi skirt for me is a very delicate matter (like all bottoms) so I'll definitely hold out for the right one. Black would be the color of choice, but we'll see.

- Knee-length Skirt

A "I can do anything in this" skirt. Lounging on the meadow, having a stroll in the city, going to a party... Preferably boho compatible. Again, I'm in no rush other than feeling the drag of winter dressing. Do you feel the drag of winter dressing after months of wrapping yourself up in layers and layers of clothing?

- Grey Skinny Jeans

Mine have ... ehr ... issues. I don't want to wear them anymore. Doesn't feel comfortable pulling them up all the friggin' time. The grey pair is washed out beyond belief and has some discolouring going on. I wouldn't mind that so much, but as I said, they are uncomfortable. I suppose that happens after awhile with those that have a high elasthan component.

- A Pair of Cowboy Boots

What can I say, I've become a true boots fanatic. I almost never wear high heels anymore.

- A Silver Ring

Okay so actually two. One for my left middle finger and one midi ring for my right hand. I want the metal to be at least Sterling Silver and maybe with a real gem for the normal ring.

That's pretty much it on my "Want"-list for the moment. I'll leave the rest open to surprise "Oh my gosh, look at this..." encounters with things to adorn myself.

As an aside, I'm going to extend this project to books and try to limit myself to at most buying 1 book per month. Not because I think you could ever have enough books, but because I have a huge back log of unread ones that I want to tackle this year.