Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Spring & Summer 2017 Fashion and Style Wishlist

Nordstrom is currently holding its Half Yearly Sale and has marked down clothing & accessories for up to 40%. I've actually become a fan of "Mid Season" sales because it gives you the chance to get current styles at a pretty good discount instead of having to wait for the discount until the items are sort of old hats already. Whilst it is entirely possible to score great stylish, but not overly trendy pieces which will last you years in the late summer sales (as they happen here in Italy & Germany), it still is very very nice to have something in your wardrobe that feels current and fresh. Especially because sometimes when you shop your entire package only in the late summer & winter sales it can happen that you do not even get to wear the item anymore that year, depending on the weather. So yay for Mid Season Sales that give us the chance to spice up our wardrobe whilst we still can get months of wear out of the item and enjoy them during our holidays.

Here are a couple of items, inspired by the romantic and bohemian vibes I'm currently digging, that would totally trigger my buy impulse if it wouldn't be under wraps for the Wardrobe Project. And by the way, I hadn't heard of either Mimi Chica nor Halogen before browsing the Nordstrom Sale and both have quite the cute clothing. I cannot say anything about the quality since well, as I said, I didn't know the brand until today, but they do have cute apparel & accessories.

Madewell - Embroidered Slit Sleeve Dress

Dolce Vita - Juno Sandal

Rebecca Minkoff - Isobel Tassel Hobo

J. Crew Flutter Sleeve Eyelet Shift Dress

Vince Camuto - Celena Perforated Bootie

Halogen - Halter Jumpsuit

Love's Affect Semiprecious Stone Mala Style Tassel Necklace

Mimi Chica - Floral Print Kimono

Free People - Tree Swing Tunic

Melanie Auld - Moonstone & Blue Lace Agate Cuff

Free People - The Patchwork High Waist Crop Jeans

Caslon - Lace Yoke Knit Top

Sanctuary - Sergent Straight Leg Crop Pants

Rebecca Minkoff - Gerry Mini Dress

Lucky Brand - Bartalino Bootie Lagoon

Mimi Chica - Striped Halter Top

Love's Affect Semi Precious Stone Tassel Earring Lapis Lazuli

Kut From the Cloth - Distressed Girlfriend Jeans

Gibson - Ruffle Sleeve Top

Eileen Fisher - A Line Skirt

Halogen - Off Shoulder Striped Ruffled Peblum Top

Vince Camuto Ancel Cross Body Bag

Sunday, 21 May 2017

You Can't Take My Awesome From Me

This is a post just for fun. If you nerd out over words, if a thesaurus is your favorite book, it might be of interest.

I am reading articles about bloggin, or more specific writing in general, a lot and recently I have come across an article titled something like "10 words you need to stop using right now" addresseing not specifically bloggers, but anyone who writes.

Among those were pretty sensible suggestions, like not using "really" as part of a statement. You know what he/she is talking about. You do it. The people that comment on your blog do it. "I really really really like that sweater. Really." Why do we feel the need to add really? Do we think (subconsciouslt maybe) we aren't convincing if we do not emphasize that we really really really mean what we are saying?

Monday, 15 May 2017

At Zer Castle - Castello di Brescia

No, that is not a typo. It's just the Ɯberwald (Discworld) way of saying it. Yes, I did read a good part of Pratchett's Discworld novels, though I confess I miss the last couple ones, namely "Snuff" and "Raising Steam", which are sitting here on the library. Me and my husband are both big Discworld fans. I really need to get around reading them. If you've never read one of these, check them out, especially the Watch. It's sort of fantasy, but it doesn't take itself, or humans on the Roundworld (aka us) too seriously.

Anyway, this is Brescia Castle. Still very beautifully intact. Brescia, as a city to visit, is somewhat lesser known abroad, compared to for example Verona who has that "Wonderous Balcony of Shakespearian fame". I think that's a shame because Brescia does have a good amount of beautiful places & buildings to visit  like for example the roman temple or the museum inside the Santa Giulia monastery. Recently Brescia has also been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. And not the least they make some of the best pizzas I have eaten in my life here. Of course, if you like cars, especially old cars, you might know Brescia because of the famous oldtimer race "Mille Miglia" which happens to be the coming weekend. The cars will go on their journey to Rome (and back) this Thursday in the early afternoon.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Verona - More Than Just Romeo And Juliet

Hmm yes, I admit it. These pictures are slightly dated. We actually visited Verona in September last year. Still valid as far as looks & thoughts are concerned and goes to show I always had intention to eventually get back into the swing of things.

Verona, located just to the east of Lake Garda in the North Italian region Veneto, is a lovely city at its center. Lots of renaissance & medieval flair with more ancient vibes sprinkled throughout. Just very crowded a lot of times during the summer months because it is a big tourist attraction. And the day we visited there was to be a concert at the famous Arena in the evening, so we didn't get to go inside. The Arena is an almost fully preserved amphitheatre dating back to Roman times.

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