At Zer Castle - Castello di Brescia

No, that is not a typo. It's just the Überwald (Discworld) way of saying it. Yes, I did read a good part of Pratchett's Discworld novels, though I confess I miss the last couple ones, namely "Snuff" and "Raising Steam", which are sitting here on the library. Me and my husband are both big Discworld fans. I really need to get around reading them. If you've never read one of these, check them out, especially the Watch. It's sort of fantasy, but it doesn't take itself, or humans on the Roundworld (aka us) too seriously.

Anyway, this is Brescia Castle. Still very beautifully intact. Brescia, as a city to visit, is somewhat lesser known abroad, compared to for example Verona who has that "Wonderous Balcony of Shakespearian fame". I think that's a shame because Brescia does have a good amount of beautiful places & buildings to visit  like for example the roman temple or the museum inside the Santa Giulia monastery. Recently Brescia has also been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. And not the least they make some of the best pizzas I have eaten in my life here. Of course, if you like cars, especially old cars, you might know Brescia because of the famous oldtimer race "Mille Miglia" which happens to be the coming weekend. The cars will go on their journey to Rome (and back) this Thursday in the early afternoon.

Brescia Castle is located just north of the city center on top of a hill and is quite big, counting everything that belongs on the castle grounds. The main castle at the top, that is the oldest inner part, houses a museum, but even for just meandering around the castle and gardens it is a great place to visit and you will have a fantastic view over the city. It also has an observatory within the castle grounds tho that one is open only at specific dates.

As far as my outfit goes ... well I've already told you that I have converted to a more bohemian and hippie style, at least for the warmer months. It still needs some fleshing out, but believe me when I say these pants are pure comfort heaven. I just love the lightness of the fabric and the oversize cut that make them really enjoyable to wear when temperatures are on the high side. Plus, you can pull them up and wear them as a jumpsuit. How cool is that?

Agave Castello di Brescia

Castello di Brescia Portone

Castello di Brescia Torre dei Prigionieri

Castello di Brescia Burg

Godersi la vista dal castello di Brescia
Enjoying the view

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