You Can't Take My Awesome From Me

This is a post just for fun. If you nerd out over words, if a thesaurus is your favorite book, it might be of interest.

Do not take my awesome sweater words from me - A list of words that cannot replace awesome || Funky Jungle - mindful fashion and quirky personal style blog

I am reading articles about bloggin, or more specific writing in general, a lot and recently I have come across an article titled something like "10 words you need to stop using right now" addresseing not specifically bloggers, but anyone who writes.

Among those were pretty sensible suggestions, like not using "really" as part of a statement. You know what he/she is talking about. You do it. The people that comment on your blog do it. "I really really really like that sweater. Really." Why do we feel the need to add really? Do we think (subconsciouslt maybe) we aren't convincing if we do not emphasize that we really really really mean what we are saying?

I like that sweater. Funny enough, I think in Italian it would be quite the contrary. Mi piace la tua felpa. If I add "veramente" it would start to sound fake. Same goes for German. Ich mag dein Sweatshirt against Ich mag dein Sweatshirt wirklich. Nein also echt jetzt.

On to my point. On this list was also the word "awesome". Ehr wait. Wait! Full stop!

You cannot take my awesome from me. 

What am I supposed to use in its place? What word could possibly encompass all that which awesome does? Well, I went to look! Got out my trusty old Thesaurus (yes, I still have a paperback version, I am that old) and this is the list of words it suggested.

*For giggles I added links I pulled from my shopstyle account - which I was astonished enough to still possess after my lengthy break. I think I get about half a cent for every click (awesome!). Used the exact keyword and went with the first one that popped up. Some didn't yield results and some well not sure Land's End would agree with the label dreadful...*

amazing - Look at that amazing sweater (that one kinda works)
alarming - Look at that alarming sweater  
astonishing - Look at that astonishing sweater
awe-inspiring - Look at that awe-inspiring sweater
awful - Look at that awful sweater
beautiful - Look at that beautiful sweater
breathtaking - Look at that breathtaking sweater
daunting - Look at that daunting sweater
dreadful - Look at that dreadful sweater
exalted - Look at that exalted sweater
fearful - Look at that fearful sweater
fearsome - Look at that fearsome sweater
formidable - Look at that formidable sweater
frantic - Look at that frantic sweater
frightening - Look at that frightening sweater
grand - Look at that grand sweater
hairy - Look at that hairy sweater ... wait what? 
horrible - Look at that horrible sweater
horrifying - Look at that horrifying sweater
imposing - Look at that imposing sweater
impressive - Look at that impressive sweater
intimidating - Look at that intimidating sweater ... it's really threatening me...
magnificent - Look at that magnificent sweater ... I can get on board with that.
majestic - Look at that majestic sweater
mean - Look at that mean sweater ... meanie, doesn't fit...
mind-blowing - Look at that mind-blowing sweater
moving - Look at that moving sweater ... it got feet ya'll
nervous - Look at that nervous sweater
overwhelming - Look at that overwhelming sweater
real gone - Look at that real gone sweater ... it was here a minute ago ...
shocking - Look at that shocking sweater ... lo scandalo...
something else - Look at that something else sweater ... it's a lake towel ...
striking - Look at that striking sweater
stunning - Look at that stunning sweater
stupefying - Look at that stupefying sweater
terrible - Look at that terrible sweater
terrifying - Look at that terrifying sweater
wonderful - Look at that wonderful sweater
wondrous - Look at that wondrous sweater
zero cool - Look at that zero cool sweater

I think I'll stick with awesome. Most of the time, anyway. Also zero cool looks tempting ... What do you think? Oh and if you find an alarming, horrifying or daunting sweater, please let me know!

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