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It's been a while since I've published a "Favorite Five" round up here on Funky Jungle, but it was always a type of post I enjoyed preparing/writing, as it had me reflecting about the month that had just passed. Thus I decided to pick the category up again and start sharing once more my five favorite things of the month gone by.

And without much further ado, here are my "Favorite Five" for the recent weeks, not necessarily just May.

1. Blogging

Well I'm glad to be back. 'Nough said really. I'm slowly getting back into the groove and I dare say I'll be better because some things that took me a bit of self push in 2015 are almost (almost) second nature now. I will also do some things differently then I did back then.

And thanks to all of you who welcomed me back, it was so beautiful to read all your messages. It made me feel all fuzzy inside and wondering what took me so long.

2. White Hot Truth and reading in general

The new book by Danielle LaPorte. I've been part of the launch team and got to read it as e-book in advance as well as listen to the audio version. To me LaPorte has one of the most enticing voices ever. I could listen to her for hours. Whilst I don't agree with her on everything (which, once you've read her book would realize she's okay with), like for example her stance on the pirate ride at Disney (seriously?), I did find a lot of truth and wisdom in White Hot Truth in regards to spiritual seeking, compassion for ourselves and how we must become our own gurus. She talks about her experiences in "spiritual seeking" like one (girl)friend to another which makes her writing very readable and relatable. If anything she's a good study on how to do it right.

Besides that I've deliberately made more time for reading in the last year. I started to use my husbands Kindle (the poor guy) vigorously and spend at least 20 minutes each night before sleeping with a book. I still prefer paperbacks, but the Kindle also offers me the opportunity to read those short, self published e-books,

3. Alterra & Alverde Lipsticks

These are both discounter eco brands, from drugstore chains native to Europe. I usually shop them when I visit my parents back in Germany (twice a year). Alterra is a Rossmann child whilst Alverde belongs to DM. They are the first lipsticks in years I can keep on longer than 30 minutes. In the past I used to get rashes/ekzema around the edge of the lips from applying lipsticks, but not anymore. So yes you will see me with lipstick now and then.

You can see the flaming red Alterra one in action here on my Instagram.

I should honorably mention the Dr. Hauschka Lipstick line, which I tested for a full day and had no issus with either. They were just a little bit out of budget for something I wasn't sure I'd use very often.

4. V the Merciless

V is a massage therapist that does deep tissue massaging ... with the elbow. It hurts. LF. but it helps. A lot. After 3 sessions I feel like I might finally see the resolution to an ongoing contraction problem I had with the right leg which hindered my martial arts practice. I started with blood testing for fatigue, had tried a physio therapist who managed to draw the main (there are a lot smaller ones tho as well) contraction but not cure it, tried acupuncture which took about 50% off the problem and now well I have high hopes to be able to do that side kick at a decent height again.

Don't ever give up trying to find a cure.

5. My new tattoo 

I might just be the slightest bit addicted to getting tattoed by now. Urgh. Some sort of "I started late, I have to catch up syndrome"? At any rate, I got inked again. This one is my first bigger one, less minimalistic. It was done freestyle with just some visual inspiration. You can see my newest piece of ink on my Instagram. Damn, Instagram has all the news.

No plans on adding another yet this year, but hey, never say never. 

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