The Summer Vacation Edit - Essentials & Must Haves

We are off on a road trip to Calabria (Southern Italy) very soon, for some ten days of ocean and beach and hopefully something else once we get there. Honestly, I am not the classical beach grill bum. For a day or two I enjoy laying there, but after that I get bored, even if I have a book. But since we go by car, I suppose some day trips can surely be arranged.

The Summer Vacation Edit - Essentials & Must Haves for being stylish on the beach, at the bar and for the city | Funky Jungle - Mindful fashion & quirky personal style blog

What about you? Are you someone who can do two weeks just laying around on the beach? Or are you more like me in that you have to change things up, explore the area a bit?

When I go on holidays, I like to pack as minimalistic as possible whilst still remaining able to do almost anything if the occasion arises. Of course, in the end I usually overpack, so I make it a habit to remove a couple things last minute.

Here are some of my current favorite beach holiday essential "Must Haves" to be extremely stylish and versatile whilst laying around in the sand. And day tripping. And bar hopping. I am going to pack pretty much what is in the pictures, although I will use my own stuff. As you can see, I couldn't decide on a top and that's pretty much how it'll go down here in "real life". What I totally want to get my hands on are a pair of geometric statement earrings.

1. Round Beach Towel

2. Sunglasses Sonix Melrose

3. Mavi Jeans Vanna Shorts

4. Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals

5. J.Crew One Piece Swimsuit Ruffle Shoulder

6. St. Honore Pineapple Strawbag

7. Tassel Earrings

8. Shiseido Sun Protection SPF 38

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  1. Great picks! I'm so jealous...a road trip in Italy sounds like heaven to me. :) #STSSharefest

  2. I love how unashamedly summery these are! The pineapple bag and print sunglasses are so fun. Have a great holiday! :-)

  3. All of these are gorgeous but I especially love those Sonix Melrose sunglasses in the first group.

  4. Super cute! I always struggle with what to pack for vacation! Thank you.


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