Packing Suitcases Again & Links a la Mode July 20th

I'm currently juggling the preparation two mixed suitcases. The first is for when I fly with my son to Germany next week. The second is for when my husband joins us later. One cannot have more than 15kg. I'm a bit of a cheapskate here and then again, it's only for a part of the total stay. And the other cannot be too full either, since I have to consider the return trip in the car.

Rolled up clothing for packing a suitcase efficiently | Funky Jungle - Mindful fashion, life & quirky personal style

I want, of course, to take pics for the blog, so I need to think about possible outfits more than if I'd just tourist around in the area I grew up in. Quite frankly, it's doing my head in. Not so much figuring out what I want to take, but figuring out that which I want to have immediately, that which can wait and what I actually can leave at home. Not new to preparing suitcases, I shared some of my standard packing tips in the past.

For this version, I will plan the outfits, then add in a couple more tops. Never bottoms, they take too much space. Tops rolled up into a sausage always find a space. Then we lay it all out on the bed. Or your head if you are really good like that. Notoriously an overpacker, I always edit out a couple of pieces once I think I'm done. It'll probably still be too much. Especially because even with the "Funky 12 Piece Wardrobe" in effect I will get a piece or two. I know my chicken.

It's so funny that I actually enjoy living out of a suitcase, yet the capsule wardrobe frustrated me. Maybe because the other stuff was right there? I didn't pack it up, but even then, it'd been right in the house. When I'm on holidays, what's in the bag is what I got. And it's enough. With some to spare.

Links à la Mode, July 20th

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  1. Ich selber finde Koffer packen nicht ganz einfach. Zum Glück habe ich mich im Laufer der Zeit wenigstens ein bisschen verbessert in der Hinsicht ;) Aber ich habe noch sehr viel Potential nach oben!
    Liebe Grüße, Rena


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