Funky Jungle

"I don't haul. I curate."

Funky Jungle is a mindful style & personal fashion blog with the occasional foray into beauty and lifestyle, written in English and German by a German Aquarius living in Italy.

I am hoping to inspire women of all ages to express themselves with their very own, unique personal style; without being slaves to trends, but rather by knowing themselves. Because if you feel at home, beautiful and confident in your body and your clothes it'll lead to so much more. Talking from experience; there's a reason my tagline is "From Caterpillar to Butterfly".

Who is behind Funky Jungle?

My name is Alexandra. I live with my family (husband and son) in the North of Italy. Somewhere in the province of Brescia to be a little bit more specific. Originally I am from Germany, but life brought me here about 13 years ago.

You can get my attention with shinies, spaceships, martial arts and upgrading myself, a thing I am constantly strifing to do. Always aiming for tomorrows self to be better then yesterdays.

About six years ago, I decided it was time to stop being a caterpillar and start becoming a butterfly. As a part of this still ongoing process, Funky Jungle was born.

Funky Jungle is my personal journey not only through the world of fashion & style but also life and I hope that by accompanying me you will gain something of value for yourself.

If you fancy, here is a not entirely serious interview I did with myself.

  • I am a tea drinker, except for that one coffee in the morning.
  • As a Gemini Rising, I really am two people
  • I am a 1. Dan aka black belt in Shotokan Karate
  • I don't ever wear lipstick
  • I love space, the final frontier. Every so often I take online courses from places like Cal Tech
  • I am an introvert, please don't expect too many extroverted things from me.

The style and other content displayed on Funky Jungle is a reflection of my taste.

On the one hand you have my outfits, my personal quirky mix of selected pieces from a variety of sources including - but certainly not limited to - thrifty ones like consignment shops and flea markets. Make no mistake, I do splurge when the piece is the right fit. And then there's the quite infamous pillaging of the boys department in any store that has one.

On the other hand, I am presenting my readers things that I like, that inspire me, that I find curious and note worthy.

My personal style is quite certainly an evolution, which you can clearly see when looking at early posts, and if I dare say so, in my humble opinion I am just getting better with age.

"Experiment! Experiment a lot with your wardrobe, be bold, be creative, take risks, turn it into a game trying to find the best combinations for you. Have fun getting dressed. Don't be afraid showing who you are with your style. And if you are three people, so be it. Don't limit or put yourself in a box"

And the pictures?

Pictures on Funky Jungle are taken either with a Lumia 1020 or a Samsung ST77. The photos are taken either by me or my husband (or occasionally my son aka "my favorite photographer") again unless otherwise indicated in the blog post concerned. For reference see the post "In the park".

The photos are "what you see is what you get". They are not altered beyond recognition by me (don't blame me for whatever the Lumia does on automatic tho). I like black&white photography and fiddling around with the brightness, but else they are just very carefully arranged during the shooting and selected afterwards. I really look like that.


For inquiries please e-mail me at funkyjungle.blog@gmail.com

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